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Everything is linked to Coordinate.

Our metaverse platform [GOCOO Metaverse Platforms] links satellite information with coordinates on the earth, and synchronizes the user's location information to display an avatar in a virtual space. This creates a virtual space with augmented reality, a mix of the real world and virtual space.
We can visualize the information of passers-by in the real world in our [Metacity] and create new opportunities for communication.

Very large information database

We have information on many of the buildings and facilities that exist on Earth. By adding these to the architecture of Metacity, we believe that this virtual space will be more convenient and better than the real world.

Virtual clearance path using NFT

The ability to issue virtual clearance passes using NFT allows for classrooms and meetings that only select people can attend. It can also be issued to visitors to provide a virtual experience of a school or office. This allows for faster deployment of human resources than in the real world.

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